Steps to replace Garage Door springs


Garage doors are one of the largest moving objects in our home. We move our garage doors about a thousand times a year. So it can be understood that how crucial a garage door can be for us. So if it is found that the garage door is damaged or not functioning properly, then it is important that we take necessary steps to solve this issue. If you find that it is the Garage Door springs which need to be replaced then you can call an expert professional, but most of the time they can cause you a huge amount of money, and you may feel uncomfortable with it. So if you want to change the springs on your own, then you should go through this article.

Steps to replace the Garage Door springs:

1st step

In the first step, while changing the springs, you have to make sure that you take your car out of the garage. If your car is stuck in your garage while changing the springs, then you may regret your decision, and it really can be frustrating for you.  If your car is stuck in the garage while changing the Garage Door springs, then it can cause some damage to your car and at the same time, you won’t be able to use your car as well.

2nd step

The second step is all about identifying the correct springs. There are generally two types of springs, and those are torsion and extension springs.  These strings exert the same force which is equal to the weight of your garage door, and that is around 200-300 pounds.

Torsion strings are generally found in the top bar on the inside of the garage door.

Extension strings are generally found on any side of the door.

3rd step

In the third step, you have to make sure that you buy the correct springs. It is always recommended that you change all strings at the same time because if you find that one of the strings is damaged, then it can be assumed that other strings won’t last longer. So it is a better option that you change all the strings at the same time. And if you have a new and an old string at the same time, then it can disturb the balance of your door.

4th step

The fourth and the final step is about installing those springs.  Installing the Garage Door springs is not only a lengthy and complicated process, but it also quite a dangerous process as well. So if you want to avoid it, then you can call some professional technician, but it can cost you a heavy amount of money which may be out of your budget. So, if you want to change the strings on your own, make sure that you follow the previous three steps and take enough precaution while changing the string of the garage door. The strings generally stay under a heavy tension, so if you don’t handle it carefully, then it can cause injuries to you.

So try to do it carefully.

These are the basic tips for replacing the Garage Door springs.

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